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Located in the idyllic seaside village of Glandore on the West coast of Cork, Hayes’ Bar & Kitchen is the best place to stop for a bite to eat. In front of the establishment is a stunning vista—from Glandore harbour across the bay to Union Hall taking in the two islands Adam and Eve at the mouth of the harbour.

This isn’t any ordinary Irish pub and that quickly becomes clear once you start perusing the menu, the emphasis here is definitely on quality food and drink. But with that in mind why not take a trip to West Cork and discover this gem for yourself?

In 2011 David and Julie Wine moved to Glandore and in 2016 they took over running Hayes’s Bar & Kitchen. With David cheffing in the kitchen and Julie managing the front of house, there is always a positive buzz in this place, not to mention the delicious smells guaranteed to please ones olfactory respondents.

David’s passion for travel and food, sees him bringing food and flavour he has discovered on journeys and trips abroad back to Ireland and served on the plates put out by this remarkable gastropub.

They boast a large variety of wines, each one chosen to pair perfectly with the dishes on the menu. And for those of you looking for an authentic curry, there is a selection of beers and ciders that have been chosen to compliment the spices and seasonings in these dishes.

We are also very proud to be the amongst a number of select establishments in West Cork that welcome well behaved pets to bring their owners into our premises, making us proud to be the only canine friendly restaurant in Glandore.

Proprietors outside restaurant
David and Julie Wine outside the front of Hayes' Bar & Kitchen in Glandore, West Cork

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